Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sex ruined My Buzz

I am a BYU fan through and through. As a BYU fan it is not often I can see a national championship in a sport I, or the nation, cares about. There has been a buzz about college basketball in this state I have not see since 1997. BYU had a chance to win an NCAA Championship in Men's Basketball. That chance is now gone and my interest in the NCAA tournament has lost its luster.
Jimmer Ferdette is a great college basketball player. I do not think that his game will translate to the NBA. That being said, Jimmer mania has been fantastic and brought a lot of attention to Provo. Dan Patrick has started asking people if they have been "Jimmered." It has been a fun season that looked as promising as ever. BYU was ranked no. 3 in the nation after a great shooting performance helped them beat San Diego State last Saturday. Like earlier in the season New Mexico killed the celebration by demoralizing BYU after the Cougars Beat the Aztecs. Yesterday's defeat was different. BYU did not lose Jimmer Ferdette. However BYU did lose a possible no. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament, and we saw them lose a chance at a National Championship.
Earlier in the week Brandon Davies was dismissed from school for violating the Honor Code. Without Davies BYU has gone from a possible contender to a possible sweet 16 team. The New Mexico Lobos showed how the cougars without Davies are week inside and will be another good team in the tournament. The Salt Lake Tribune has reported that Davies was having sex with his girlfriend and this lead to his dismissal. Pre-Marital sex did not only ruin my buzz for this years college basketball, it ruined BYU chance of Winning a national championship.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I have revoked my fanhood for the Utah Jazz

I still remember the day Jerry Sloan was hired as the Utah Jazz head coach. I was at day care and my father told. While I had no idea who Jerry Sloan was he has become as big of a part of my sports life as any other individual. While I don't believe Deron Williams is the reason Jerry Sloan stepped away from the game of basketball, he is certainly a contributing factor.
Jerry Sloan is the "Original Bull". Sloan is a legend for the old school way to play ball. His toughness and effort are second to none. When taking over for Frank Layden Jerry Sloan brought the same toughness to the profession. I will miss him calling referees words I can never repeat. When his current players stopped caring they way he does, especially his star point guard, Sloan was finally finished.
Jerry, I too have stepped away from the Utah Jazz while Deron Williams, and his team mates figure out how to play with effort, heart, and determination. Where is the Deron from the first round of last years playoffs? Deron willed his team to victory against a better team in Denver without Okur or Kirilenko. Deron was the Player of the Month in the Western Conference in November. The Jazz had swept a four game road trip in Miami, Orlando, Charlotte, and Atlanta. The Jazz went 1-3 on that same road trip last year. In a loss to the Celtics this year Deron was 1 for 5 from the floor with 8 points. 8 POINTS!!!! Are you kidding me? You are an all-star. I understand points but 5 shots? Deron, if your team is getting beat by 15+ points and you can see Millsap, Jefferson, and Miles are not playing well then shoot the ball. Let the rest of the team see you will not stand for this. Jerry could not see that in you so he left. At least he gave you the benefit of the doubt. I left three weeks ago.
Deron Williams did not cause Jerry Sloan to leave his post as the longest tenured coach in professional sports. Deron Williams and his teams effort did. The Utah Jazz are a pipe dream away from an NBA championship. Sloan makes more than 4 million a year so money had nothing to do with it. He is a simple farmer from the middle Illinois. The Jazz players lack of effort and care is what cause a legend to retire.
When the Jazz start to play hard they will earn my attention. I have been called a fair weather fan and I am alright with that. I am a great sports fan and I love everything about it. I love the egos, I love the money, I love the attention, I love the hype, I love the pageantry of rivalries, I love the heart break, and I love the celebration that comes with victory. I love to see another person who cheers for the opponent. You look them in the eye without saying anything and they know you got them tonight. Deron Williams...Please care for my fanhood and the rest of Jazz nation. You are our hope for a championship in the next ten years.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Top Ten NFL Quarterbacks

While listening to the analysis of Superbowl XLV I started to realize something . A Superbowl win for a quarterback might be more important than his body of work in the mind of the general public. There are many great quarterbacks who never won a Superbowl. A few that come to mind are Jim Kelly, Warren Moon, Fran Tarkenton, and Dan Marino. Great quarterbacks all in their own right but were never able to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Why are their accomplishments diminished because their teams could not finish the season as champions? It is beyond me.
Anyways, here are my top ten NFL quarterbacks today
1. Tom Brady-Brady is the best as an all around quarterback. He has great pocket awareness, exceptional footwork, great mechanics, a wonderful throwing motion, a quick release, and an accurate powerful cannon. He has won three Superbowl trophies but has yet to win a fourth while getting better each year. Does this diminish him? I think not.
2. Peyton Manning-There has never been another quarterback in the history of the NFL like Peyton Manning. He is the most entertaining quarterback on and off the field. His ability to read a defense is second to none. His motions and footwork are unorthodox but his results speak for themselves. Without Peyton Manning the Colts are a 6-10 team at best. Under Manning the Colts won 12 games or more in an NFL record seven straight seasons. The previous record was four. He has won four MVP awards and is 1-1 in Superbowl games. His lone Superbowl came in a down year for Manning. Showing once again great players need great teams to win championships.
3. Drew Brees-Brees may be less than six feet tall but can hurl it with the best of them. In Sean Payton's system Brees has thrown for more completions, yards, and touchdowns than any other quarterback in the last five years. His anticipation is tremendous. He sees the field as well as any quarterback in NFL history. While Sean Payton's on side kick may have stole another Superbowl for Manning and the Colts. The picture of Drew Brees and his son celebrating after the game will stay in our minds forever.
4. Phillip Rivers-I hate Phillip Rivers more than any other quarterback in the NFL. Partly because he plays with a team that dominates the Colts. Rivers has an odd release but is strong in the pocket, avoids sacks while lolling you to sleep, and fires the ball down field with accuracy with the best of them. He is the most debatable quarterback on my list in term of position. His teams have struggled but Rivers is not to blame for any of that.
5. Aaron Rodgers-Many people may think I placed Rodgers at five and Roethlisberger at six because of last weeks game. I love to listen to Ron Jaworski. His evaluation of NFL game film is my manna from heaven. Jaws stated that he believes that Rodgers has the quickest release coupled with the most accurate quarterback. I agree 100% with this evaluation. Marino may have been quicker but not as accurate. Rodger has the "IT" quality you crave at the starting quarterback position in the NFL. His mobility is great and there is not another quarterback who can hit a seem route better than Rodger in the game today(ask Troy Polamalu).
6. Ben Roethlisberger-Big Ben is a scum bag of a human being. I don't think many would disagree with that. However, Ben is a great quarterback who I would love to have on my team for a big game. Ben has dropped to six on my list because of one thing...accuracy. Ben misses a lot of open receivers and does not lead them to open space. Mike Wallace is one of the fastest players in the NFL. In 2010 He had 60 receptions for 1257 yards receiving and avg 21.0 yards per catch. After all of that he only had 364 yards after catch. Ben needs to lead him to better spots for bigger plays. Many will argue that Roethlisberger has two rings and three Superbowl appearances in the last six years. Ben plays with an elite defense. Not a good defense but an all-time elite defense. In all three Superbowls he has been outplayed by his opponents quarterback. He did lead his team to a game winning Superbowl drive against Arizona. That is why number six suits Big Ben the best.
7. Matt Ryan-Matty Ice is a cool quarterback who is still getting better. Many will argue that Vick is better and I tend to agree. However, let Mike Vick show he can play 16 games. If the league goes to an 18 games schedule Vick will need a miracle to survive. Ryan is accurate and very bright. He has great pocket awareness and excellent footwork. His arm is strong and will not throw the ball where it does not belong.
8. Michael Vick-Michael Vick is the most electric football player ever!!! Many people say Reggie Bush at USC was the most dominant any one has seen a football player be. Vick does this in the NFL. He rushed for 1,000 yards as a quarterback in a single season. While his stats lack his play making ability is off the charts. Warren Sapp called his play, "The best football he had ever seen in his life." That is high praise from a proud man. If Vick could play a full season.....well he can't. Next time you watch Vick play think about how exhausting it is. It is hard to watch. I get tired watching him. Imagine being him! An NFL season is 16 games. Michael Vick's season is 12 games at best. I love to watch him but his style of play is limited. He could rise with the new style of play but Michael Vick is Michael Vick.
9. Matt Schaub-Matt Schaub has had great stats in Houston. He has a great receiver in Andre Johnson but he throws touchdowns and limits interceptions. He is accurate and mobile. His team needs to learn to win but his play is not the reason for their blunders. It also doesn't help that they play in the same division as the Indianapolis Colts.
10. Tony Romo-Number ten on a list is always hard. Tony Romo has many improvement to make in his game. However, Romo is play maker who makes plays. He does throw too many interceptions but he makes plays when needed. He also fumbles more than I would like but his mobility allows him to once again make plays. Romo is a leader who is waiting to burst at the seems. I wanted to put Flacco at ten. He is 4-3 in his first three seasons in the playoffs. They are all road games. Once again his defense is elite. Take Flacco if you want, take Cutler or even Eli Manning. He won a Superbowl. I'll take Romo.
Best of the Rest
Joe Flacco
Jay Cutler
Matt Cassel
Eli Manning
Mark Sanchez
Sam Bradford
Josh Freeman
If any thinks about Carson Palmer go get your head checked. Palmer was a rising star but has burnt out in a big way!!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Perfect Timing

At the start of the 2011 college football season the University of Utah will be playing in an expanded PAC-10 conference. Since the Mountain West Conference was formed in 1999 the Utes have amassed four conference crowns, nine bowl victories with two coming in BCS games, and a ranking of #2 in the final AP poll in 2009. While the majorities seem to believe that the Utes will become another middle of the road PAC-10 school, please consider the timing of this announcement.
USC was put on probation earlier this month with monumental sanctions. USC is due to lose post season play for two years and 30 scholarships over that same span. This announcement marked the end of USC’s dominance in the PAC-10. I can only imagine the look on your face right now is one of doubt. However, we have many examples of teams that cannot recover from such sanctions. Miami dominated college football in the early 90’s. Sanctions in the mid 90’s knocked them off course for the last half of the decade. Alabama has always been a superior program in the SEC. Sanctions in the early 2000’s derailed their program until Nick Saban arrived three years ago and led the Tide to their 13th national championship and first since 1992. We have seen this before and we will see it again.
Jake Locker of Washington is considered the lead candidate to go #1 in the 2011 NFL draft. His main competition is Stanford’s Andrew Luck. Both quarterbacks’ are expected to leave after the 2010 college football season. Oregon’s QB, Jeremiah Massoli, won the hearts of college football fans everywhere with his brutal play. He was expected to lead Oregon to national championship contention in 2010 or 2011 but was dismissed from the team due to a string of offenses with the law. In steps Utah’s Jordan Wynn and USC’s Matt Barkley to be the dominating quarterbacks. Both quarterbacks will be juniors in 2011 with plenty of experience. Barkley’s downfall will come with a lack of underclassmen talent that will follow scholarship restrictions and a probable early exit to the NFL in 2012.
What does all of this mean? Utah will be contenders in the newly expanded PAC-10 from the very beginning. They will enter a conference with the mind set to win from the start and they will. I predict a spot in the conference championship game within three years. This will propel them to a contender year in and year out for many years to come. Utah’s entrance into a conference in flux, along with great coaching, could be the driving factor to a National Championship in this decade.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is God Now a Ute?

I have long thought that God was a BYU fan. How else can you explain the miraculous events that have taken place in their sporting history? Jim McMahon’s amazing comeback to beat SMU in the 1980 Holiday Bowl. Danny Ainge’s coast to coast drive against Notre Dame in the 1981 NCAA tournament. The Associated Press turns a blind eye to a weak schedule and awarded the Cougars the 1984 National Championship. These are just a few in the long line but more recently they have been more subtle.
The holy war has been a popular venue for these unexplainable events. The doink hear round Utah as Ryan Kaneshiro hits the upright to miss his 3 field goal of the day to award BYU the 1998 WAC championship. In 2000 while Lavell Edward coached in his last rivalry game. BYU converts an amazing 4th down in route to another victory that makes you shake your head. John Beck’s scramble and touchdown pass in 2006 once again sealed Utah’s fate (Harline is still open). In 2007 BYU’s best receiver, Austin Collie, get behind every Utah defender on a 4th and 18 late in the game to convert and send Utah home with yet another loss.
However, in recent years there have been signs that God has followed the masses in changing sides from Blue to Red. Urban Meyer’s arrival to Salt Lake City in 2003 sealed the deal. Utah’s program has been elevated from irrelevant to the formal announcement of their joining the
PAC-10 in 15 years. BYU has become the irrelevant school when we talk about these two programs. Utah, whom was attached to the BYU coat tails for so long, no longer needs them. Last Thursday you could hear a collective sign throughout Utah County as the announcement was made. It was followed by the murmur of “Why has God forsaken us? We are his school.”
Yes God you have forsaken us. Oh, well……At least you gave us 84!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Upon my viewing of the 110th US Open at Pebble Beach on Sunday I realized something that has been missing this year. Tiger Woods has lost something from his past. It was something that caused millions of casual sports fans to tune in for a final round on Sunday afternoon. Tiger has lost his mystique. It has been fading for some time but has died in 2010. He doesn't have the same presence and aura. Tiger's late charges have been few and far between. The field has stopped looking over their shoulder.
Many people might think this has to do with the now infamous scandal. This is not an Elin thing, this is an Eldrick thing. Today, there are many players who now have the confidence to win. Lefty is not the player of the late 90's or early 2000's. He is a player who wins. Tiger's door is closing. Will he get to the once guaranteed 18 majors? Maybe. Is it a sure thing? Not Anymore.
Tiger changed golf with his workouts off the course. The field now has the same workout ethic as he does. Tiger, get back to basics.Please hit a fairway, strike an iron clean, and putt like you know its going in. After watching yesterday Tiger needs to change his approach. Four Majors and a few famed events won’t cut it anymore. Tiger needs to know, the field is too good for that.